Biggest Budget Chunks

What 4 categories eat up the largest pieces of your budget pie? I was reading an article on Motley Fool that tried to answer this very question. The results were based on 2013 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Before we get to the four budget categories the article mentioned another interesting factoid about our average savings rate. In the past 50 years our savings rate has dropped in half from 12% to 5.6%. This is an interesting thing to note since we are talking about our largest expenses. Now to the four categories. Continue reading “Biggest Budget Chunks”

A Taxing Issue

I saw a news article a few weeks ago where Tim Cook told the Washington Post that he would not bring the money Apple has left oversees back to the US until the US charges a fair tax rate. In recent years many companies have been blasted for tax evasion such as Facebook, GE and Apple. This has caused the ire of many people and it’s a news story that we see often. The problem is we shouldn’t be mad at these companies for finding and taking advantage of these tax loop holes. Instead we should place the blame on our government. They are the ones who created and encouraged this problem in the first place. Continue reading “A Taxing Issue”