In Defense of an Emergency Fund

I read an article recently on Investopedia that came to the conclusion that emergency funds are a bad idea. This is troubling to me because the one guarantee in life is that nothing is guaranteed. You could loose your job, your house could be damaged from a storm or you might have an unexpected hospitalization. This list could go on and on and on but life is full of the unexpected. Insurance isn’t a perfect safety net nor is it an excuse to forgo emergency savings. Nor is the idea that if I really need the money I could always borrow it. Debt as an emergency fund is the perfect recipe for a disaster. So what is the argument against having an emergency fund? Continue reading “In Defense of an Emergency Fund”

Small Cents BIG Change

One of the things that commonly comes up when discussing saving and investing is the argument that you don’t have any extra money to save in order to invest. I understand completely that we have a lot of demands on our wallets these days but I want to assure you that even small amounts of money can grow into big amounts over time. Would you believe me if I told you that you could leave your loved ones a nice sized inheritance by saving and investing your pocket change? Don’t believe me, well check this out. Continue reading “Small Cents BIG Change”