Healthcare Apocalypse

Everything about healthcare is too expensive. Whether it be the cost of insurance, much needed tests or a medication that costs more than a four year college degree every single year. The whole industry has the stench of uncontrollable inflation and greed. Business Insider had a recent article that noted three things at the very beginning: Continue reading “Healthcare Apocalypse”

Retirement Concerns

I wrote this article knowing full well that I’m going to sound like a broken record but I believe the subject matter is to important to ignore. Last week I wrote an article about the impending insolvency of Social Security and pointed out why it is so important to save for your own retirement. Basically, why you should never depend on the government for your retirement security. Then this week I saw two Bloomberg articles that caught my eye. Continue reading “Retirement Concerns”

Biggest Budget Chunks

What 4 categories eat up the largest pieces of your budget pie? I was reading an article on Motley Fool that tried to answer this very question. The results were based on 2013 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Before we get to the four budget categories the article mentioned another interesting factoid about our average savings rate. In the past 50 years our savings rate has dropped in half from 12% to 5.6%. This is an interesting thing to note since we are talking about our largest expenses. Now to the four categories. Continue reading “Biggest Budget Chunks”

An Unhealthy System

Simply put, the healthcare system in America is broken. It has been degrading for decades and we’ve done little to help the matter. Things like Obamacare and the slew of regulations that have been passed have done little to stop the train wreck that has become our healthcare system. The problem boils down to cost. Simply put, prices have been skyrocketing out of control and it is my belief that we can’t stop it from continuing. The only way costs could be controlled is by socializing the entire healthcare system. Something that would have dire consequences. Continue reading “An Unhealthy System”