Online Car Shopping

I’m sure you’ve seen the stats about decreasing retail sales and increasing online sales. You’ve probably also considered exactly what you might and might not buy online. For the longest of time one of the oddest things I’ve ever seen sold online was mattresses. Sure most offer a couple months trial period but really a mattress? Don’t you need to try that out in the store first? It just struck me as an odd thing to sell online. Then I discovered Vroom, a company that sells an even more unique product online than mattresses. Continue reading “Online Car Shopping”

It’s Official, Walmart has Acquired Jet

After a lot of speculation late last week, there was an official announcement yesterday that Walmart will acquire Jet for 3.3 billion, 3 billion cash and 300 million in stock. The purchase price is a tremendous amount of money considering that Jet has only been around a year now. I believe the best news about the purchase is not only the fact that Walmart is going to keep Jet as a separate company but they are also going to appoint Marc Lore head of all ecommerce activities by Walmart and Jet. Like I said last week, Walmart needed to leave Jet on its own and they desperately needed someone new to run their ecommerce activities. So if the companies are going to be separate, are there any ways to mix the two? Continue reading “It’s Official, Walmart has Acquired Jet”

Rumors Allude to a Walmart and Jet Marriage

You probably saw the rumors swirling on the web today about Walmarts interest in buying Who knows if the rumors are true but if the purchase happens it will be partly out of desperation on Walmarts part and also due to plans Jet has for online domination. Over the years Walmart has been unable to make the dent in Amazon sales that they’ve wanted to. There is also the fact that Marc Lore has a history of selling off his creations. He sold to Amazon back in 2010. It’s ironic to me that his newest creation is considered the most formidable competition Amazon has faced. So would this purchase be a good idea for both parties? Continue reading “Rumors Allude to a Walmart and Jet Marriage”