T-mobile is at it Again

Everyone who was excited about getting free pizza for being a T-mobile customer will have to stay hungry. As it turns out sending 2 million customers (the number who’ve downloaded the app so far) running to Domino’s for free pizza overloaded the pizza chain. T-mobile has come up with dozens of ideas over the years to gain and keep customers but not all ideas have worked out and in this case it worked out too well. Continue reading “T-mobile is at it Again”

Yes to Brexit

In short, the markets got hammered today after the news that Britain is leaving the EU. It’s stunning to me how violently the markets have reacted to this news. All in all I don’t view this as a good or bad decision, it is too early to tell right now. And I’m certain if the story was about Greece leaving the EU, markets would have reacted very differently. Continue reading “Yes to Brexit”