It’s Official, Walmart has Acquired Jet

After a lot of speculation late last week, there was an official announcement yesterday that Walmart will acquire Jet for 3.3 billion, 3 billion cash and 300 million in stock. The purchase price is a tremendous amount of money considering that Jet has only been around a year now. I believe the best news about the purchase is not only the fact that Walmart is going to keep Jet as a separate company but they are also going to appoint Marc Lore head of all ecommerce activities by Walmart and Jet. Like I said last week, Walmart needed to leave Jet on its own and they desperately needed someone new to run their ecommerce activities. So if the companies are going to be separate, are there any ways to mix the two? Continue reading “It’s Official, Walmart has Acquired Jet”

Just What We Need…More Stimulus

Here we go again. The insanity is continuing with the same old worn out tactic. In a stroke of brilliance the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee has decided to lower interest rates in the UK to a dismal 0.25% and as if that wasn’t enough they’ve also decided to flood their economy with 170 billion pounds. We don’t even know what Brexit means yet and already the powers that be are panicking. Not only are they panicking they are using methods that have been proven not to work. Artificial economic stimulus gives you very little bang for your buck. In the end your economy might inch forward but for that inch you will pay for it with several feet of debt. Why is everyone around the world so terrified of free markets? Continue reading “Just What We Need…More Stimulus”

Rumors Allude to a Walmart and Jet Marriage

You probably saw the rumors swirling on the web today about Walmarts interest in buying Who knows if the rumors are true but if the purchase happens it will be partly out of desperation on Walmarts part and also due to plans Jet has for online domination. Over the years Walmart has been unable to make the dent in Amazon sales that they’ve wanted to. There is also the fact that Marc Lore has a history of selling off his creations. He sold to Amazon back in 2010. It’s ironic to me that his newest creation is considered the most formidable competition Amazon has faced. So would this purchase be a good idea for both parties? Continue reading “Rumors Allude to a Walmart and Jet Marriage”

The Two Sided Story of Auto Sales

Early reports show that auto sales will fall below expectations in July. Ford CEO Mark Fields noted that the industry is starting to face headwinds. He noted that he expects sales to continue to decline through 2017. The slowdown in sales isn’t surprising considering the US GDP hasn’t increased as much as hoped. The economy only inched forward by 1.2% during the second quarter. There isn’t only bad news though. Continue reading “The Two Sided Story of Auto Sales”

Ditch Your Credit Score

The Good

The best part of not having a credit report or score is that it means you don’t have any debt. This is becoming a rarity these days but I believe it is necessary in order to set yourself up for a successful financial future. If you fall into the debt free category, congratulations. This is a great thing but because of the way our society is setup these days, there might be some hoops to jump through… Continue reading “Ditch Your Credit Score”

Why Credit Cards Suck

One of the best things about my generation, the millennials, is their rejection of credits cards. A survey by Bankrate showed that 63% of millennials have rejected credits cards altogether. I personally think this is a great thing and long overdue. But I constantly see articles about the pros of having credits cards, why their needed and why the millennials will pay for not using them. Today I want to explain why credit cards suck and why your better off without them. Continue reading “Why Credit Cards Suck”

Is Company Ownership Stupid?

As you probably already know, when you purchase a share of stock you have bought ownership in that company. If you only buy a few shares your ownership percentage will be very small but you will own a piece of that company never the less. I recently ran across an interview of Mark Cuban by Entrepreneur magazine where Cuban stated that you shouldn’t invest at all. Continue reading “Is Company Ownership Stupid?”

Brick and Mortar Stores Continue to Suffer

More good news to go along with June jobs report, June retail sales went up 0.6% in June. Although May sales were revised down to only a 0.2% increase. In essence May was a terrible month and June was an awesome month. Combine the two and we get two average months. The reports could always be worse than average. But this article isn’t just about sales increasing again or another rant about wanting these numbers to be separated by what was spent by credit versus cash. Instead I want to look at the continued decline of brick and mortar sales. Continue reading “Brick and Mortar Stores Continue to Suffer”

Track your Spending Pie Style

One of the keys to gaining control over your money and finances in general is to figure out exactly where your money is going. Once you have this information you can then create a budget. But the key is you have to know exactly where your money is going before you can even create a budget. This is a process that will take time to get used to and you will have to work hard to make it a part of your routine. That is the bad news. The good news is this process doesn’t need to be overly complicated at first. Continue reading “Track your Spending Pie Style”