Retirement Math Made Simple…Expanded Edition

There are dozens, hundreds, probably thousands of retirement calculators out there. Some are simple and bake in common assumptions. Others let you drill down into every fine detail customizing the calculation to your exact criteria. But one I found wasn’t a calculator at all. It was a spreadsheet that asked you one simple question, What is your savings rate? The blog post comes from Mr Money Mustache and his article The Shockingly Simple Math Behind Early Retirement Continue reading “Retirement Math Made Simple…Expanded Edition”

The Fallacy of Home Ownership

I’ve know you’ve heard it before, the only way to financial success is to buy a home. After all renting is just throwing your money away while investing in a home is always a better financial path. This message, I prefer propaganda, is everywhere. I have but one question, if buying a home is such a good idea then why is everyone so broke? Renting isn’t the waste of money that it is made out to be and in most cases is it a better financial deal than home ownership. Continue reading “The Fallacy of Home Ownership”

Frugaled Out

On my blog I focus on topics such as getting out of debt, investing and staying on a budget. Simply put, my goal is to help you improve, remodel if you will, your financial house. But I know there are many out there just like me who’ve been working hard at this for years on end. After so many years of planning, fine tuning and fiscal discipline, you’ll eventually reach max frugality. Your budget will be frugaled out. Continue reading “Frugaled Out”

Focusing on Major Expenses

Often on this blog I will talk about saving money in everyday expenses. From cutting your cell phone or cable bill to clipping coupons or the virtues of budgeting. All of these topics are important and there’s plenty of material to discuss but the fact is, most of the expenses we will face in our lives will come from only a few categories. They makeup what I call our major expenses and I think too often we ignore them. Ignoring them however could have grave consequences on our ability to save and leave the lasting legacy that we want to leave. Continue reading “Focusing on Major Expenses”

The Impulse Buy and Dumb Purchases

Have you ever bought something that later on, you regretted purchasing? Have you ever spent more for something than you needed too or simply should have? Have you bought something that seemed like a great deal but it turned out to be more of a rip off? If you keep saying no to all of these questions then you either live in a cave or you’re not being very honest with yourself. Anyways, a few weeks ago I had one of these experiences. Continue reading “The Impulse Buy and Dumb Purchases”

Oh How it Grows

I’m sure you’ve seen and heard all of the stats about people not saving enough, spending too much and simply put their pile of debt is suffocating them. If you haven’t read about it elsewhere, you can easily read about it on my blog. But instead of focusing on more and more numbers and stats I want to shift focus with this article to encouragement. Four simple words that you might have once believed but you no longer do. You can do this. Continue reading “Oh How it Grows”

Change Your Future With a Dollar

I wrote an article in July showing the power of time and compound interest if you would invest your pocket change. Now I want to show you what can happen if you invest your dollar bills. Why? I want everyone reading this to understand something. Yes saving is hard, I realize that. But small amounts of money can add up over time. I don’t what people to think that unless they have thousands of dollars a year to save, they will never reach their goals. Time and compound interest are your friends. The more time you have, the more magical compound interest becomes. Remember, save early, save often, save whatever you can. So lets get to this weeks examples. Continue reading “Change Your Future With a Dollar”

The Greatest Retirement Loss…Fees

Fees come in all sorts of shapes and sizes when it comes to your retirement savings. Everyone wants a piece. At the end of the day it can feel more like your saving just to profit financial institutions and the government. It can be incredibly frustrating but it is just a part of life. You have to try your best to limit and avoid these fees at all cost. Otherwise your savings will be eaten away and strangled by the crushing weight of the following fees. Continue reading “The Greatest Retirement Loss…Fees”

The Greatest Retirement Gift…Time

I try my best to not give generalizations when talking about retirement savings. You will hear all sorts of numbers thrown around. For example, you need a million dollars saved by the time you retire. Or you need to save 15% of your income each year. Or you need to base your retirement savings on a 4% withdrawal rate once you retire. These are common suggestions that we hear but I personally find most of these generalizations to be rubbish. Continue reading “The Greatest Retirement Gift…Time”