The Overflow

When I ran across a Christian music streaming service similar to Spotify but for only Christian music, I was excited. Part of the excitement was the fact that the monthly price was half that of most music streaming services, $4.99. I will also mention this was the first streaming service I’ve tried. I’m still stuck in the days of buying to own. But this service stuck out to me for another reason beyond the price. They advertised exclusive devotionals from leading Christian artists which led me to sign up for their 7 day trial. So if your a panhead or love to throw up your rawkfist read on to learn more about this service.

First off, this service is relatively new. They are getting close to finishing their second year in existence. Needless to say, I didn’t know what to expect when searching through their library. As it turns out their library is huge. I only found a few artists missing here and there but they were small independent acts. The oddest part was a few major artists had whole albums missing. I remember seeing this on two major Christian acts, Blindside and Demon Hunter, which was puzzling to me. The good news is the 7 day trial. You can easily sign up, no strings attached, in order to explore their library. If they have what you want, great, if they don’t, you didn’t spend any money to find out. I love free trials.

The feature that made we want to try this service the most was the exclusive devotionals. Like I said above, I prefer to buy my music, yes I’m old school. But the devotionals seemed like a great deal. As it turns out, this part of their service is basically a rip off. It is a service that that is not only not an exclusive, The Overflow actually links you to a completely different website. If you try to play the devotionals you are sent to As far as I can tell, you can sign up for an account on their website and get access to these devotionals. I’ve yet to sign up for an account but as far as I can tell it is free. The disappointing part is these devotionals can’t even be played on The Overflow. All they have is a link to where the service is really at. This is the reason why I didn’t continue on with the service.

So if you love Christian music and streaming music services in general but don’t want want to pay over $100 a year for it, The Overflow would be perfect for you. It does have a huge library and yes you might find a few things missing but the service is relatively new. I’m sure they will be adding more and more music over the years to come. Remember, the 7 day trial is the key. It allows you see exactly what they offer without spending a single penny.

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