Just What We Need…More Stimulus

Here we go again. The insanity is continuing with the same old worn out tactic. In a stroke of brilliance the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee has decided to lower interest rates in the UK to a dismal 0.25% and as if that wasn’t enough they’ve also decided to flood their economy with 170 billion pounds. We don’t even know what Brexit means yet and already the powers that be are panicking. Not only are they panicking they are using methods that have been proven not to work. Artificial economic stimulus gives you very little bang for your buck. In the end your economy might inch forward but for that inch you will pay for it with several feet of debt. Why is everyone around the world so terrified of free markets?

Do we no longer trust the capitalist system that has created wealth in numbers that couldn’t even been imagined two or three hundred years ago. We are constantly trying to alter the capitalist machine by adding in doses of socialism, fascism or communism. Does capitalist economic system destroy, absolutely, but it also creates in vast numbers. For some reason we want the upside but we want to somehow limit the downside. You can’t do that. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. The destructive part of capitalism is necessary for the creation side to flourish.

By manipulating the system with monetary stimulus, interest rate tomfoolery and regulations galore we are handcuffing the greatest economic system to ever exist. We run around screaming doomsday but the only one who is creating doomsday is the ones setting our so called monetary policies. We then resurrect famous economists like Keynes and say we are only doing what he told us to do hundreds of years ago. The issues is we have warped his very words just like we’ve warped the very ideals of capitalism.

We have to put the laissez faire back into our economies or our attempts to limit the destructive side of capitalism will inevitably destroy us. Ironically we are magnifying the very thing we are trying to stop. We are trying to stop a magnitude three earthquake by causing a magnitude eight earthquake. It’s absolute insanity. We have to stand up to our politicians all over the world and tell them to stop and get their hands off our economies. We need to burn every regulation that exists and start over. We need to set the capitalist machine free. Because capitalism hasn’t failed us, we’ve failed capitalism.

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