Retirement Math Made Simple…Expanded Edition

There are dozens, hundreds, probably thousands of retirement calculators out there. Some are simple and bake in common assumptions. Others let you drill down into every fine detail customizing the calculation to your exact criteria. But one I found wasn’t a calculator at all. It was a spreadsheet that asked you one simple question, What is your savings rate? The blog post comes from Mr Money Mustache and his article The Shockingly Simple Math Behind Early Retirement Continue reading “Retirement Math Made Simple…Expanded Edition”

Welcome Back Volatility

2017 was an awesome year to be an investor. Your returns were stable and guaranteed no matter what broad based index you invested in. Not only that but your rate of return was two or three times historical averages. As mentioned, the cherry on top was that volatility was non existent. The markets just kept going up, never taking a break from its climb higher. Then came 2018 and the inevitable questions of sustainability.  The markets can’t possibly keep this up forever could they? Continue reading “Welcome Back Volatility”

The Fallacy of Home Ownership

I’ve know you’ve heard it before, the only way to financial success is to buy a home. After all renting is just throwing your money away while investing in a home is always a better financial path. This message, I prefer propaganda, is everywhere. I have but one question, if buying a home is such a good idea then why is everyone so broke? Renting isn’t the waste of money that it is made out to be and in most cases is it a better financial deal than home ownership. Continue reading “The Fallacy of Home Ownership”

Drowning in $233 Trillion

Yes I mean trillions and yes I’m talking about debt. I know that I’m a broken record on the topic of debt but I want everyone to understand that there is a better way. The stress and anxiety that debt creates isn’t necessary. God can free you from these chains if your willing to change your behavior. I know it is hard and I know it is counter cultural. But what a witness it can be for our faith in Jesus. Showing those around us that God has provided another way for you and your family. That your reliance is not on earthly things or institutions but it is solely on God. Continue reading “Drowning in $233 Trillion”

Margin at Record Levels

If you don’t know what margin debt is, it’s basically borrowing to invest. It’s a way to use your investments as collateral in order to borrow from your broker and buy more shares of a given company. Sometimes it is referred to as trading on the margin and if you want to know more about it there is tons of information online. Although, knowing my views on debt you’ve probably already guessed by now my opinion of margin debt. Continue reading “Margin at Record Levels”

Happy New Year

2017 is gone and 2018 is now here to stay. It is a time of not only reflecting on the past but also looking forward to the future. As you look ahead, the most important thing that you can do this year, a resolution if you prefer that term, is setting out to deepen your relationship with Jesus. At Christmas time we like to talk about the reason for the season but we shouldn’t talk about this just at Christmas time. It is important thing to focus on all year long. Continue reading “Happy New Year”

Worldwide Rate Hikes

Rate hikes in the US has sped up this year and one more is expected to be announced this week. Another three or four hikes is projected to occur next year. This would leave rates at 2% for the first time in a very long time. This is good news for investors, especially retirees, who need greater return from safer investments. Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase has even more good news for said investors. Continue reading “Worldwide Rate Hikes”

Healthcare Apocalypse

Everything about healthcare is too expensive. Whether it be the cost of insurance, much needed tests or a medication that costs more than a four year college degree every single year. The whole industry has the stench of uncontrollable inflation and greed. Business Insider had a recent article that noted three things at the very beginning: Continue reading “Healthcare Apocalypse”

Another Reason to be Debt Free

I’m always coming up with reasons why being debt free is such a good idea. Our nation is obsessed with debt and all its shiny trappings so keeping focused on the facts is always important. This week I discovered a whole new reason why being debt free for life is such a wonderful idea. Your data simply isn’t safe in the hands of the credit bureaus. Continue reading “Another Reason to be Debt Free”

Up, Up and Away

The markets have continued their climb in 2017 to all new heights. They’ve shrugged off any negative news or signs the economy might be slipping a bit to get there. Pretty much any broad based stock index fund around the world would have netted you gains. The increases have been very impressive and below are the returns of a few ETFs to show you the amazing climb the markets have made this year. Continue reading “Up, Up and Away”